Microphone Sound Editing


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2020- Gucci sales traning American cutomers West End Media

2020- Barclays Podcast  American Analyst  Team Spirirt

2019  SURGE 2 Matriarch Celeste /Penny  SIDE Games
2018    various Canadian voices
Lip Synch / ADR    Tin Star 2    Sky Atlantic
2018    American narrator
Corporate    BSH Germany    Regiepapst Media
2018    American narrator
Corporate    Deloitte Animated Film    Gutsy TV
2017    Patty
Animation / Cartoons    High Water- animation pilot    Room One Films
2017    various Canadian voices
Lip Synch / ADR    Tin Star    Sky Atlantic
2017    American narrator
Audiobook    Once in a Lifetime    RNIB Talking Books
2016    American narrator
Corporate    B2B animated film for Oracle Software    Ekstasy Inc
2016    various American voices
Computer Game    Horizon    Sony Entertainment
2016    American narrator
Corporate    B2B animated film for Nokia    Workspace One
2016    Miranda
Audiobook    The Kind Worth Killing    RNIB Talking Books
2016    various American voices
E-learning    Daily Step Advanced English    Daily Step UK
2015    lead voice
Commercial    Hospital Funding Cuts    Ontario Nurses Association
2015    Victorian politician for mocap, various characters for voice
Computer Game    Assassin's Creed- Syndicate    Ubisoft
2014    various characters
Computer Game    Assassin's Creed- Unity    Ubisoft
2014    news reporter
Commercial    Toonies For Tummies    Ontario Children's Food Charity
2013    mid Atlantic narrator
Corporate    Strongbow Sales Rep video    Strongbow Cider
2011 - 2012    lead neutral American voice
Commercial    Sunsilk Shampoo    other world markets
2011    Lt. Cln Gloria McMillan
Radio    Aghanada-Season 6    CBC Radio
2011    Kate Beckinsale dub
Dubbing    Contraband    Feature Film
2010    various American voices
Dubbing    The Special Relationship, Gallow Walker, High School Musical (Mexican to US version)    Feature Films
2010    lead neutral American voice
Commercial    Sunsilk Shampoo    Asian markets
2010    American narrator
Corporate    E-Sight Monitoring Systems    Big Head Media
2010    lead American voice
Commercial    Sony Ericsson, Sunsilk Shampoo    USA test market commercials
2009    featured actor/singer
Radio    With Great Pleasure- Paul Gambacinni    BBC Radio
2009    mother Maleine's voice
Documentary    Marlie's New Face    September Films/ Discovery US- Nick Gray
2009    various American voices
Dubbing    Planet 51, The Prisoner    Feature Animation, ITV/AMC
2008    Helpless- novel reading
Radio    Book at Bedtime    BBC Radio
2008    lead American voice
Commercial    Phillips, Andrex    USA test market commercials
2008    Juilliard phone receptionist
Film    The Soloist    Feature Film
2008    American News Reporter
Documentary    House of Saddam    BBC TV
2008    comedy American announcer
Commercial    BB6 Morning Show promo    BBC Radio
2007    narrator/all characters
Audiobook    Eye- Short Stories by Frank Herbert    RNIB Talking Books
2007    continuity
Television / TV    Five US    Channel 5
2007    narrator
Documentary    America at a Crossroad- The Brotherhood    PBS America / Tony Stark
2007    various American voices
Dubbing    Doctor Who    BBC TV
2006    various American voices
Dubbing    9/11-The Twin Towers, Death of a President    BBC TV, Channel 4
2006    various American voices
Dubbing    Jonathan Toomey, Til Death, Closing the Ring    Feature Films
2006    narrator/all characters
Audiobook    Mediator 1-Love You to Death    RNIB Talking Books
2006    lead American voice
Commercial    Lysol/Dettol    USA market
2006    time travel computer voice
Film    Stormbreaker    Feature Film
2005    American narrator
Documentary    HBO promo documentary on new Pride and Prejudice film    Special Treats/HBO
2005    various American voices
Dubbing    Batman Begins, Doom, Snowcake, Flyboys,The Fall    Feature Films
2005    narrator/all characters
Audiobook    Honeymoon by James Patterson    Isis Audio
2004    various American voices
Dubbing    Beyond the Sea, The Wedding Date, White Noise    Feature Films
2004    croupier
Computer Game    Blackjack Online    JPM
2003    Mrs. Oleson
Radio    On the Banks of Plum Creek    BBC Radio
2003    voice of Glennis Yeager
Documentary    Days That Shook the World    Lion TV/BBC 2
2002    Nellie Cross
Radio    Peyton Place    BBC Radio
2002    ditzy hotel receptionist
Commercial    American Airlines radio ad    Classic FM
2001    Bel Canto reading
Radio    The Front Row    BBC Radio
2001    various American voices
Dubbing    Gangs of New York, Resident Evil    Feature Films
1997    Anna