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2022- Out of Sight Podcast - Dr. Sybil Atkinson- West End Media/Apple Podcasts

2022- Pacific Life (corporate)- American narrator- Outsider

2022- unannounced Triple A games- various American characters- SIDE Games

2022- Battle 2042 Update- Sub Commander- RDY

2021- Kings Ransom 2- various American characters- PRL Games
2020- Gucci Sales Training (corporate)- American customers- West End Media

2020- Barclays advert for financial podcast- American Analyst- Team Spirit

2019  Surge 2- Matriarch Celeste /Penny- SIDE Games
2018- various Canadian voices for ADR- Tin Star 2- Sky Atlantic
2018- American narrator- BSH Germany (corporate)- Regiepapst Media
2018- American narrator- Deloitte Animated Film (corporate)- Gutsy TV
2017- Patty- High Water (animation pilot)- Room One Films
2017- various Canadian voices for ADR- Tin Star- Sky Atlantic
2017- American narrator- Once in a Lifetime- RNIB Talking Books
2016- American narrator- B2B animated film for Oracle Software (corporate)- Ekstasy Inc
2016- various American voices for ADR- Horizon Zero Dawn- Sony Entertainment
2016- American narrator- B2B animated film for Nokia (corporate)- Workspace One
2016- Miranda- The Kind Worth Killing- RNIB Talking Books
2016- various American voices- Daily Step Advanced English (e-learning)- Daily Step UK
2015- lead voice- Hospital Funding Cuts (commercial)- Ontario Nurses Association
2015- Victorian politician for mocap/voice+various voice characters- Assassin's Creed Syndicate- Ubisoft
2014- various characters- Assassin's Creed Unity- Ubisoft
2014- news reporter- Toonies For Tummies (commercial)- Ontario Children's Food Charity
2013- mid Atlantic narrator- Strongbow Sales Rep video (corporate)- Strongbow Cider
2011-2012- lead neutral American voice- Sunsilk Shampoo (commercial)- other world markets
2011- Lt. Cln Gloria McMillan- Aghanada Season 6- CBC Radio
2011- Kate Beckinsale voice replacement- Contraband- Feature Film
2010- various American voices for ADR on The Special Relationship, Gallow Walker, High School Musical (Mexican to US version)- Feature Films
2010- lead neutral American voice- Sunsilk Shampoo (commercial)- Asian markets
2010- American narrator- E-Sight Monitoring Systems (corporate)- Big Head Media
2010- lead American voice- Sony Ericsson, Sunsilk Shampoo (test market commercials)- Ogilvy
2009- featured American actor/singer- With Great Pleasure- Paul Gambacinni- BBC Radio
2009-mother Maleine's voice- Marlie's New Face (doc)- September Films/ Discovery US/ Nick Gray
2009- various American voices for ADR-
Planet 51, The Prisoner- Feature Animation, ITV/AMC
2008- Narrator- Helpless- Book at Bedtime BBC Radio
2008- lead American voice- Phillips, Andrex USA test market commercials
2008- Juilliard phone receptionist- The Soloist- Feature Film
2008- American News Reporter- House of Saddam (doc)- BBC TV
2008- comedy American announcer- BB6 Morning Show promo- BBC Radio
2007- narrator/all characters- Eye, Short Stories by Frank Herbert- RNIB Talking Books
2007-continuity announcer- Five US- Channel 5
2007- narrator- America at a Crossroad- The Brotherhood (doc)- PBS America / Tony Stark
2007-various American voices for ADR- Doctor Who- BBC TV
2006- various American voices for ADR- 9/11-The Twin Towers, Death of a President- BBC TV, Channel 4
2006- various American voices for ADR- Jonathan Toomey, Til Death, Closing the Ring- Feature Films
2006- narrator/all characters- Mediator 1-Love You to Death- RNIB Talking Books
2006- lead American voice- Lysol/Dettol- USA market (commercial)
2006- time travel computer voice- Stormbreaker- Feature Film
2005- American narrator- HBO promo doc on new Pride and Prejudice film- Special Treats/HBO
2005- various American voices for ADR- Batman Begins, Doom, Snowcake, Flyboys,The Fall- Feature Films
2005- narrator/all characters- Honeymoon by James Patterson- Isis Audio
2004- various American voices for ADR
Beyond the Sea, The Wedding Date (incl voice replacement for Debra Messing), White Noise- Feature Films
2004    Vegas croupier- Blackjack Online- JPM
2003- Mrs. Oleson- On the Banks of Plum Creek- BBC Radio Drama
2003- voice of Glennis Yeager- Days That Shook the World (doc)- Lion TV/BBC 2
2002- Nellie Cross- Peyton Place- BBC Radio Drama
2002- ditzy hotel receptionist- American Airlines radio ad- Classic FM
2001- Bel Canto reading- The Front Row - BBC Radio
2001- various American voices for ADR- Gangs of New York (incl voice replacement for Mrs Scorcese)

2001- Various American voices for ADR- Resident Evil- Feature Film

1999- lead character- Moonkeys (animation)- Lucchesi Ltd

1997- Anna- Sunnyville: the Musical- CBC Radio Drama

Voiceover CV: Bio
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