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Kathryn Akin

actor, voice artist and teacher of the Alexander Technique

Hello and welcome to my website. Here you will find information about my work in both the UK and North America as a professional actor and voice artist as well as a qualified teacher of the Alexander Technique (MSTAT).

Please hit the SPOTLIGHT link above for my full acting CV and agent contacts. My full VOICE CV can be found just beside it.

But first, have a scroll down for some production shots with review quotes. After that is info on the Alexander Technique and my teaching background.

Nice to meet you!

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Choice over habit...for actors, singers, musicians...and everybody else


The Alexander Technique is one of the most established tools of advanced performance training for actors, singers and musicians around the world. Its principles are further embedded throughout many other voice, singing, instrumental, acting and movement techniques.  It was developed over a hundred years ago by a professional actor suffering from recurring voice and performance issues and it is now well supported by subsequent psychological and physical research.

The Alexander Technique offers the freedom of self awareness (not self consciousness) and the skill to overcome interference from unconscious habits  which increase nervous tension, especially under the increased psychological pressure of performance.

By letting go of long held patterns of behaviour, performers can significantly improve both their technique and their emotional engagement- with their material, their fellow artists, the audience and themselves.  On a practical level, AT can open up an actor’s casting possibilities and longevity- in an already challenging livelihood. 

For musicians it can significantly address repetitive strain injuries as well as performance anxiety. It is a highly supportive technique that fundamentally addresses the unique human at the centre of performance.  It gives us the power to change and strengthen who we are- both on and offstage. Performers from all backgrounds are welcome.

In addition to teaching many performers in her private practice Kathryn has taught at the following acting training institutions RADA, LAMDA, CCSD, Mountview, Shakespeare and Company in Boston, George Brown Theatre School and Humber College in Toronto and trained in Alexander Tech for musicians at The Royal College of Music.  Kathryn has also trained and/or worked extensively with Monika Pagneux, Complicite and Shared Experience in taking mind/body training such as AT into ensemble based devising.  She herself is a very established actress and singer with credits in the West End, at major UK regional theatres, with BBC Radio and TV and across the film, TV and voiceover

fields. Please see her full performance CV for more information.

The Alexander Technique is used by leading companies to support performers in both rehearsal and performance. It is taught at most well known arts training institutions world wide. High profile names such as Judi Dench, Hugh Jackman, Bernadette Peters and Ben Whishaw amongst many others find it an invaluable tool for their work. See for Kathryn's listing as a STAT approved teacher and for more information.


The Alexander Technique is also very respected in the complementary health field for addressing many conditions such as back and joint pain, neck and shoulder tension, repetitive strain injury, performance anxiety, breathing and speech difficulty, voice issues, post pregnancy and new motherhood conditions. It is supported by clinical trials published in the British Medical Journal as well as by many osteopaths, physios and doctors as a long lasting self help method to address the root causes of tension and habit related issues. Kathryn has spent many years working with people from all kinds of backgrounds and professions who have had tension and pain related challenges greatly improve from applying the Alexander Technique to their daily lives. The long term positive impact from this self re education frees us of relying on therapeutic support year after year. It can be and often is- truly life changing.

"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?"

Vincent van Gogh

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